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April 2, 2016



Handsome bachelor Luke Mulryan has spent his life building up a successful and respected racehorse business in the Irish village of Prim. When he died, rumour and gossip were rife about who would inherit his fortune for Luke was a wealthy man and he had made promises to many people. What he didn’t know was that unscrupulous relatives had been plotting and scheming behind his back, cooking up a clever scheme to get their hands on his money by defrauding Luke’s rightful inheritors. But throws lust, infidelity, gambling and greed into the mix and the best-laid plans go awry. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

At a local knees-up in the village hall, Joe Maxwell asked Barbara for a dance and from that moment on Barbara decided he was the one for her. Joe had no intention of having anything to do with Barbara apart from using her to promote himself into her father’s law practice. Jim Collins adored his only child and never denied her anything throughout her life, so it was inevitable that Joe Maxwell would be the future husband of Barbara Collins.
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