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March 31, 2016



In The Long Count, the first book of JM Gulvin’s masterful new crime series, we meet Ranger John Quarrie as he is called to the scene of an apparent suicide by a fellow war veteran. Although the local police want the case shut down, John Q is convinced that events aren’t quite so straightforward.
When his hunch is backed up by the man’s son, Isaac – just back from Vietnam, and convinced his father was murdered – they start to look into a series of other violent incidents in the area, including a recent fire at the local Trinity Asylum and the disappearance of Isaac’s twin brother, Ishmael. In a desperate race against time, John Q has to try to unravel the dark secrets at the heart of this family and get to the truth before the count is up…
Dripping with atmosphere and a sense of time and place, The Long Count is a page-turner and a psychological puzzle – for fans of Shutter Island and True Detective.
Published on the 5th May 2016 by Faber
My Review to follow shortly

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  1. BooksAndOtherMiracles permalink

    I really love your blog! Mine is currently super small but I was wondering if you would check it out- recently I’ve made my reviews longer (the newest 2) and it’s improved. 🙂

    • I checked your website out and love the design and I loved reading your reviews. Some of my reviews are short and some are long, but to me it don’t matter if a reader just puts a few words for a review, I will still like the review.

      • BooksAndOtherMiracles permalink

        Thank you so much! I do think quality over quantity but my reviews never used to be as informative as they are now. 😉

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