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March 25, 2016



Technology is everywhere.It makes our lives easier, our connections faster and journeys quicker. But in the wrong hands of someone smart enough, every piece of technology can be a murder weapon.

Amelia Sachs is hot on the trail of a killer, chasing him through a department store in Brooklyn when an escalator malfunctions. The stairs gives way,with one man horribly mangled by the gears. Sachs is forced to let her killer escape as she jumps in to try to help save the victim. She and famed forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme soon learn however, that the incident may not be an accident at all, but the first in a series of intentional attacks. They find themselves up against one of their most formidable opponents ever a brilliant killer who turns common products into murder weapons.
As the body count threatens to grow, Sachs and Rhyme must race against the clock to unmask his identity and discover his mission before he kills more victims.
Master of suspense Jeffery Deaver returns with the latest gripping thriller featuring paraplegic forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme. The hardback contains an exclusive, never-before-seen leaked memo from the Lincoln Rhyme case files. I have read quite a few of Jeffery Deaver’s thriller books.  What I like about Jeffery Deaver is that he is never afraid to push the boundaries for a thriller. He is most certainly one of the best plotters in the world. He is a master at keeping us on the edge of our seats. Every book that Jeffery Deaver writes he delivers a new topic, that what makes him such a good author.
Amelia Sachs had been driving when she spotted the suspect. The suspect who beaten to death his victim, didn’t know there was a witness. He was now entering a five-story shopping center. What was the suspect doing in a shopping center? He wasn’t getting away not this time Amelia Sachs planned to take him in Starbucks but he wasn’t there. A piercing scream from on the top of the escalator a man was trapped in the gears of the motor. The gears dug deep into his body, suffering in his last fifteen minutes on earth. The Steel Kiss is  not to be missed. The story contains an exclusive leaked document from the Lincoln Rhyme case files. I loved reading every page of this new 2016 Lincoln Rhyme thriller.
Published 22/03/2016 by Hodder
You can buy the book from Book Depository with FREE postage by using the link on my website here on the right.

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