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March 25, 2016



What would you do to protect your family?
Tell a lie? Break the law?
Or solve the problem…for good?
The body in Lauren James’s back garden belongs to her ex-boyfriend, Ritchie. DI Gardner thinks it’s an open-and-shut case. But he reckoned without the interference of Lauren’s father, local businessman and aspiring politician Walter James. And he couldn’t know about the secrets that everyone involved wants to hide.
When a murder touches so many lives, not even the cops are immune from the consequences. In the end you must decide what you can live with: a loving lie or the deadly truth?
I loved reading Gone by Rebecca Muddiman to the point where I wanted to able to follow through reading every other book that Rebecca publishes. When I found out that her new book Tell Me Lies was out 10th March 2016 I just had to read it. The strength of the characters made me hooked to every page. Everyone is telling lies ,to the point that made me wonder who is telling the truth here?. Lauren James lives with her father Walter James in a large detached house with garden bordered by tall hedges.Lauren found her ex-boyfriend, Richie Donoghue dead in her garden, her jeans were soaked in blood and mud. Walter James was a man with fingers in so many pies. He was a self-made millionaire. An owner of various businesses and on lots of committees and boards. He was a man with connections and also a man who was currently campaigning to be elected as MP for Middlesbrough. The man had power only because he had a cash flow. While Lauren was being questioned by the police she was sure that daddy would come to the police station soon and take her home. A super twisty plot not to be missed.

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