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March 25, 2016



A must buy must read!

Somewhere on the French Riviera, tucked between glitzy Monte Carlo and Cannes’ redcarpets, lies the town of Bellevue-Sur-Mer, home to an energetic band of expat retirees who have resolved to show it’s never too late to start afresh, and open a restaurant.
Snapping up a local property and throwing themselves into preparations, Theresa, Carol, William and Benjamin’s plans are proceeding unnervingly well. But when Theresa encounters a mysterious intruder, she begins to wonder what secrets the building is concealing.
As the razzmatazz of Cannes Film Festival penetrates Bellevue-Sur-Mer, its inhabitants become entangled in a complex pattern of love triangles and conflicting  business interests, and something starts to feel distinctly oeuf. Finding themselves knee-deep in suspicion and skulduggery, the restaurateurs realise they can no longer tell who’s nasty and who is nice.
My review
A must buy must read!
I loved every page and every character. I enjoyed reading about the atmosphere at the glitzy red carpet Cannes Film Festival. It appears that Celia Imrie certainly knows how write an excellent story.
In the town of Bellevue-Sur-Mer a group of English friends want to open up a restaurant. Theresa, Carol William and Benjamin seem to run into one trouble after the other with the French laws.
A mysterious intruder wants something from all the friends who are now running the restaurant.
Sally had given up her acting life and now lived happily in Bellevue-Sur-Mer. Jackie Westwood had always called herself Sally’s best friend, and turns up on Sally’s door step with her suitcase to stay at Sally’s place. A rich Russian man claims his love for Sally.
What to look forward to is love triangles, conflicting business interests and suspicion. The twists took me by surprise. Nice Work (If You Can Get It) is truthfully a novel not to miss out on.
Published by Bloomsbury
You can buy this book from book depository with free postage using the link on the right.

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