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March 17, 2016




Science created him.

We created him.

Now we have

to use him.


He will destroy

everything that makes

us human… He must

be uncreated.

Cillian and Tess are caught between two powerful and dangerous factions.

What should they believe?

Who can they trust?

And will they survive long enough to find out?

My review

This story kept me on edge, with the train that Cillian and his father were on  lurched violently from the track and smashed into the tunnel ceiling. People screamed in terror as they were engulfed by savage chaos. In the Foundation City Tess planted a bomb, but the electromagnetic pulse was supposed to knock out the train’s systems, gridlock the Metro, not kill anyone. Cillian lost his father in the train crash. A strikingly original story as Cillian and Tess meet, but how and why? The suspense flows through Maladapted. A must-read for fans of The Maze Runner. I was sent this book free of charge for an honest review. I would most definitely read another novel by Richard Kurti.

Published by Walker

Paperback 306 pages

You can buy this book from book depository by clicking the link on the right.


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