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March 16, 2016



When the brilliant young painter Marianne Glass is found dead in her snow-covered Oxford garden, Rowan Winter, once her closest friend, knows it wasn’t.
Marianne and the Glass family once meant everything to Rowan so thought they haven’t spoken for ten years, she knows she has to find out what happened. The deeper into Marianne’s life she goes. however, the more convinced she is that something is terribly wrong.
Then she meets Michael Cory, an intense American who specialises in portraits of women on the edge.
My review
I really enjoyed reading this creepy thriller. Marianne used to climb to the top of the roof for cigarette. In the snow the roof would have been slippery so what was she doing up on the roof in the was freezing cold? The police told her mother Jacqueline that Marianne has had an accident and that she must have slipped and fell to her death from the roof and was found soaking freezing cold with her fingers frozen.  Jacqueline and Rowan her once best friend couldn’t be believe that Marianne slipped and fell to her death as she had vertigo and she never went near the edge of the roof. Rowan Winter knows it wasn’t an accident. Marianne was a painter with her painting being sold for a lot of money, a third of a million for one picture. I loved the great twist in this story with an ending that took me by surprise.

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