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The Forgetting Time Sharon Guskin

March 14, 2016


The Forgetting Time Sharon Guskin

Noah is four and wants to go home. The only trouble is, he’s already there.

Janie’s son is her world, and it breaks her heart that he has nightmares. That he is terrified of water. That he sometimes pushes her away and screams that he wants his real mother. That it’s getting worse and no one seems to be able to help.

In desperation, she turns to someone who might have an answer but it may not be one she’s ready to hear.

It may also mean losing the one thing she loves more than anything. Noah.

My review

A must buy must read novel. Sharon Guskin is a very clever author full of exciting imagination that has made The Forgetting Time an excellent page turner. I love every word, every page, every chapter. This is Sharon Guskin’s first novel. I am so looking forward to her next adventure. Noah is a four-year old boy who screams in the night wanting his mum. Rather upset by Noah’s out bursts Janie says I am your mum. Noah tells her no I want my real mommy.  It seems Noah has a fear of water he won’t have a bath or wash his hands. The Day Care where Noah attends brings it to Janie Zimmerman attention that Noah says he has been playing with guns a 54-caliber Renegade rifle. He said the gunpowder smelled like rotten eggs. Something is not right with Noah’s outburts. The Day Care want Janie to take Noah to see a psychologist. This story is a beautiful tale of the bond between a mother and her young son, as well as a page turning mystery. The Forgetting Time is a novel spans life, death and everything in between, It is about Noah, about love and above all memories that shape us.

Published by panmacmillan

pages 357

Hardback 9781509806799

You can purchase The Forgetting Time by Book depository using the link button here on my website.


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