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The Mirror World Of Melody Black GAVIN EXTENCE

March 11, 2016


The Mirror World Of Melody Black GAVIN EXTENCE


You can buy The Mirror World Of Melody Black by clicking on the book depository logo on the right hand side.

Paperback £5.99 free postage with book depository

Genre Contemporary

Pages 293

Published by Hodder

Book summary

Life has its ups and downs

It all starts, as these things sometimes do, with a dead man.
He was a neighbour, not someone Abby knew well, but still, finding a body when you only came over to borrow a tin of tomatoes, that comes as a bit of a shock.
At least, it should. And now she can’t shake the feeling that if she hadn’t gone into Simon’s flat, if she’d had her normal Wednesday night instead, then none of what happened next would have happened.
And she would never have met Melody Black …Wild and witty, searing and true,
THE MIRROR WORLD OF MELODY BLACK is about the fine line that separates normal from not – and how life can spin, very swiftly, out of control.
This is most definitely a must buy must read. The Mirror World Of Melody Black is one the best fiction books that I have read about mental illness. Gavin Extence is truly a very gifted author and a big credit to hodder. I hope that Gavin has the spirit to write another novel as I would in the front of the que to read it. What gave Gavin the idea to write about Abby who has a mental illness, manic episode as part of her disorder is that Gavin Extence went nuts in January 2009. He didn’t want to kill himself and he wasn’t put on a psychiatric ward like Abby. Gavin now takes a low dose of Prozac every day and in the past year he has only been mildly manic a couple of times.
I loved every single page of this novel about Abby who stumbles on a dead man in his flat, but if she had her normal Wednesday night and have stayed in then none of what happened would have happened next. When Abby is sent to a psychiatric ward she meets Melody Black and the twist in the plot takes you in a spin.
The Mirror World Of Melody Black on Book Depository by clicking on the link on the right hand side of my page.

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  1. I bought this yesterday and can’t wait to read it! I loved The Universe Versus Alex Woods and have heard great things about this.

  2. You will love it that I am very sure of. I must read The Universe Alex Woods as I am now a huge fan of his writing.

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