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March 6, 2016


Blueprints Barbara Delinsky

Published in paperback 25th February 2016 by piatkus

Genre contemporary womans fiction

Pages 502

Jamie MacAfee’s life is  almost perfect. She loves her fiancée, even if she hasn’t quite worked out why she won’t set a wedding date and she certainly adores her job, working as an architect on their family home renovation show. Meanwhile, her beloved mother Caroline has built up her confidence after a painful divorce, working closely alongside her daughter as the very successful host of Gut It!. Everything is going to plan, until the lives of both women are changed overnight.  
 When the TV network secretly plan to replace Caroline with Jamie as the show’s host, Caroline left feeling horribly betrayed and old in the eyes of the world. Then tragedy strikes, leaving Jamie Guardian to her small orphaned stepbrother and fiancée to a man who doesn’t want the child.  
As the blueprints have built their lives around go up in flames, loyalties shift and new relationships tempt. Now Jamie and Caroline must decide what they really want and discover where their future lies.
As I love fiction books that have a TV show theme to them I just loved the opening pages to Blueprints. Gut It! was a local public television production, a home renovation series.  Gut It took homeowners Rob and Diana’s sixty year old Cape that was too small for a growing family, too dated for a modern couple, and too wasteful in an energy conscious town, and turned it into a larger, younger, greener home. The TV network secretly plan to replace Caroline with Jamie as the host, and Caroline is left feeling horribly betrayed and old in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately in our todays society, some TV shows and companies are replacing  the older TV presenter/actor with younger TV presenters or actors and I can’t see the logic behind that. Older TV presenter/actors should be always offered work if they good at what they do. Barbara Delinsky has added much more family drama. I did read The Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky and I that still remains my top favourite book.

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One Comment
  1. ohh, now I get it! I was confused at first like, is this a book or is there also a TV show based on this book, and then I realized it was ABOUT tv show. 😀
    Sounds interesting but also long. Haven’t read anything from this author yet.

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