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February 28, 2016



When we first meet Bobby, he is a shy, twelve-year-old magician who falls in love with his best friend. 
William is consumed with self-hate and drinks to escape the memories of his father’s sadness and his mother’s death.  
Myles is writing letters to a mother he has never met.
Three different people from three different times each explore the dark side of relationships, search for beauty in sadness and try to bear the burden of guilt from living in a world we are powerless to fix.
C. J. Fisher is an avid writer, illustrator and online content creator.
I loved this first novel by C. J. Fisher. It is a fresh different read. I like to know what inspired an author to write their novel and this story was actually inspired by events in C.J Fisher’s own life. Although C.J. Fisher vlogs as Ophelia Dagger I watched and listened to C. J. Fisher as soon as I got the information that C.J. Fisher vlogs at YouTube channel Old Hot Radio, which has over 30,000 subscribers.  When We Were Alive features the stories of three male characters from three different times and backgrounds, tied together by an exploration of relationships, dealing with guilt and the pursuit of beauty while demonstrating the impact one generation has on another. Sam was always wishing for things. He was seventeen when he died. Bobby is a magician.  William is consumed with self-hate and drink to escape the memories of his father’s sadness and his mother’s death. Myles writes letters to his mum who he has never met, and signs them as potential last lines for a novel. I am so pleased that C. J. Fisher is going to published a second book I definitely won’t be missing reading it.

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  1. I’m super intrigued by this book now! Will have to add to my ever growing to-read list!

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