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February 27, 2016



Published 11th February 2016 by Mira

Amber Green was just a regular girl working as a shop assistant in an exclusive London boutique. Until the day her life turned upside down when she is mistakenly offered a job with the notorious, but fabulous, stylist to the stars Mona Armstrong. Suddenly Amber is flung head-long into the glamorous backstage world of the LA Award season and finds herself helping to style some of Hollywood’s hottest and craziest celebrity stars.


The cover of this book is absolutely gorgeous, I would love a T-shirt in the exactly the same design. The Stylist is a must-read for The Devil Wears Prada and Shopaholic fans. I loved reading this novel, which Hello Editor Rosie Nixon debut novel draws upon her own experience of the fashion world to create this fast-paced ,fun-loving book about fame, love and style.
In less than five minutes Amber Green had gone from shop girl in an exclusive London boutique to window dresser to temporary employee of Mona Armstrong who is the stylist to the stars. Amber will be Mona’s assistant helping out at the LA Golden Globes day and staying at Mona’s house in LA for the fortnight plus food and expenses, but only get paid fifty quid a week.  The Stylist is a real feel good read, you will absolutely just love it.



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