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February 26, 2016



In just a few heartbreaking days, Lexy Shaw’s world has fallen apart. After her mother is killed in a tragic hit-and-run, her mother’s childhood guardian, Ursula, also dies suddenly, leaving everything to Lexy. But as Lexy reads through Ursula’s hidden papers, what she discovers raises doubts about her own identity and if she really is now all alone in the world.
Desperate to find out if she has any surviving family, Lexy travels to Africa hoping she can unravel the mystery she’s now tormented by, only to find that she’s stumbled into a past full of lies and deceit and that her life is in grave danger.
The first draft of Ursula’s secret won the Sunday Mail Fiction Prize in 2015.I loved every page of Ursula’s Secret. If you like reading Lisa Jewell books then you will like author Mairi Wilson. Lexy Shaw was really all alone. She was in limbo between daughter and orphan, fiancée and a single woman.  Lexy’s mother was left to die on a quite suburban street by a hit and run. And her mother’s childhood guardian Ursula died in an accident falling down the stairs and was found by Ursula’s carer Jenny. Lexy gets a big shock when she discovers that Ursula has a son in Malawi. And Lexy’s relationship with Danny has come to end. A lot of things happen along the way and I see why Mairi Wilson won the Sunday Mail Fiction Prize in 2015. This is part detective thriller, part emotional journey.

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