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February 25, 2016



You think you know the truth.
The truth is you know nothing.
If your husband was murdered, 
And you were a witness,
How do you explain, seeing him on your nanny cam?
You thought you trusted him
Now you can’t even trust yourself.
my review

I have read a few books by Harlan because he never fails to disappoint me or his readers. Fool Me Once is a gripping new thriller novel.
While reading Fool Me Once, you think you have the truth all worked out in your head, but the truth is you all know nothing.
If your husband is murdered, and you were a witness, how do you explain it when he appears on your nanny cam?
Maya and Joe meet up at central park. It wasn’t quite clear who phoned who to make the arrangements.  According to Maya while her husband was in the park two men who wore mask wanted to rob them. One had a gun and shot Joe.
Maya had just buried her husband when NYPD Homicide Detective Roger Kierce appears at her door wanting to question her about her husband’s murder.
Maya had a digital picture frame, with a nanny cam disguised in the digital picture frame, when she see things on there that she can’t quite explain.
What I like about reading Harlan Coben is that he always builds dark secrets and a terrifying hunt for the truth.




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