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February 11, 2016



Published January 2016 by Harper Collins

four-year-old Sami is deeply traumatised, and it’s up to psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn to unlock his terrifying memories. She needs to find out who ‘ the girl’ is but nothing can prepare her for the truth about what haunts him.

Meanwhile, Flynn’s former patient, Captain Ben Callan, is investigating the controversial death of an officer in Afghanistan. Shot only days before he was due to arrive home, there is only one suspect – a fellow soldier who is refusing to talk.

Flynn and Callan’s cases converge when a dead body is found washed up on a Sussex beach, revealing a connection between Sami and the dead soldier. And it soon becomes clear that what seemed to have its origins in Afghanistan began with a secret much closer to home.

I enjoyed reading Fire Damage. It is the first in a series of crime novels featuring twenty – nine year old psychologist, Dr Jessie Flynn. It is first and foremost a story about families love and hate, kindness and cruelty, and destructive nature of some relationships. The fear and helplessness experienced by child trapped in a dysfunctional family is a very powerful emotion to examine. Sami Scott is a deeply traumatised boy who Dr Jessie Flynn is counselling. Something drove Jessie in to why she needs to understand the whys of human nature. Jessie Flynn’s profession not only explores situations from a psychological perspective but she has thoughts and feelings. She is a strong and independent woman.

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