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January 8, 2016



Published March 2016

What if you lost your husband and you hold your family together?

And what if,  after the hard and traumatic years, when you feel you and your children have finally put  the pain and agony of his loss behind you, the man you believed gone forever turns out to be alive and well.

And wants to come back into your lives.

Could you should you let him?

For Alice and her teenage daughters Jools and Holly,  it can never go back to being how it was. But can it be anything else?


Sinead Moriarty first book The Baby Trail was published in 2004, since then Sinead has published many novels. The new novel The Way We Were will be published in March 2016. I am so pleased for Sinead Moriarty that she won the Irish Book Award for popular fiction with The Way We Were.
The new novel is a page turner with a family that has everything and makes you think what can possibly happen.
Alice and Ben are a happy married couple who have shared twenty-two years together with two daughters. Alice is a busy GP and Ben is a general surgeon. Alice and her brother Kevin lost both her parents in a car crash. Kevin is gay and is having trouble meeting a nice man.
As for Ben he had a lovely wife and a beautiful home, two healthy daughters and they both had good careers, but it wasn’t enough for him. He needed something else. When Ben gets a chance to do something stimulating by going to do surgery on a man in Eritrea in Africa, he breaks the news to Alice.
When Ben dies suddenly Alice’s world fall apart. But after three years the unexpected happens and Ben comes back to Alice. But can the family go back to the way they were?
I would like to thank for my advance proof copy.



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