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December 10, 2015



Ruby Flynn, set in Ireland and Liverpool, is the enthralling story of a family haunted by ancient wrongs.

The FitzDeanes are wealthy. They have Ballyford Castle in Ireland and a growing shipping business in Liverpool. But Lady FitzDean is unable to provide an heir. All her five boys died in infancy. There are whispers that the family are cursed punished for a terrible mistake long buried in the past.

When young Ruby Flyn, an orphan reared and educated by nuns, arrives at Ballyford to work as a nursery maid, she cannot shake the feeling that she has been there before. But when?

Soon rumors and strong emotions are swirling around the beautiful girl with red hair, green eyes and a mysterious past. Who is she really? And what will her arrival mean for this powerful family, riven by tragedy?


Next year Nadine is launching her own website with a 6 weekly magazine you can already sign up for free

Ruby Flynn by Nadine Dorries is a real must buy must read. Some one would adore this book as a present, as it is beautiful written. I just know all readers will be hooked into it from page one. What readers can expect is a story with a good mix of rich characters, keeping you turning the pages with this impressive novel that has a startling outcome. In the treacherous bitterly cold, with snow that stood deep, a cottage stood alone, isolated. It was the home that Con and Thomas were searching for the children. The boy was found frozen dead. The girl, Ruby Flynn had long wet hair and matted that had frozen on her face, but she was alive. Ruby Flynn’s parent had died. Now with Ruby an orphan she was taken to a convent. We are taken through Ruby Flynn’s time at the convent until the day she is sold to live and work at Ballyford Castle as a servant. With a mysterious past there is a venture waiting for Ruby Flynn at Ballyford Castle in Ireland. Ruby Flynn is my book that I am proud to keep and there for I will be buying my mum her own copy for Christmas.



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