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December 8, 2015



Three years ago, Janey Nolan was murdered in the centre of town. Today, no one knows who did it. Sick of waiting for the powers that be to rid the streets and school gates of dealers, druggies and parasites, Janey’s brothers want to avenge her death. While Sean decides to explore the routes and corridors of political power, Joey chooses more direct action in and among the alleys and pathways of the neighbourhood itself. But can the brothers find Janey’s killer without bringing more danger to their town?
Highbridge is the story of one murder and two brothers that are out for revenge. Janey took some money out from a cash machine as she was looking forward to an evening out with her sister in-law. Returning to her car she felt a shove and realised she was being mugged. She was run over. Janey never knew her killers.Three years on, nor did anyone else. Phil Redmond was the writer for BBC Grange hill that was focussed on a school and what the kids did on their way to and from and between lessons. It was also about community. Phil also was a writer for Brookside where characters lived with a Scouse accent. In 1996 then Phil was a writer for Hollyoaks. Highbridge is, once again, a typical Northern Town. I loved watching Grange Hill and Brookside and I was rather Hoping that Highbridge had the same kind of flair to get hooked into Phil Redmond’s novel. But for me personally I have to say that I thought this story was going to be good with reading the first two pages about Janey Nolan. But after the first two pages I found this book very hard to get in to.




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