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December 7, 2015



Life is sublime in the idyllic suburb of New York City. Recent divorcee, Karen Daily and her two kids have for the first time in years found joy as they settle into the close-knit community of Savage Lane. Neighbours, Mark and Deb Berman, have been so supportive as she moves on in life: teaching at the local school and even dating again.
But behind pristine houses and perfect smiles lie dark motives far more sinister than Karen could have ever imagined. Unknown to her, Mark, trapped in his own unhappy marriage, has developed a rich fantasy life for the two of them. And as rumours start to spread, it seems that he isn’t the only one targeting Karen.
A must buy, must read. I just love reading a domestic thriller. Jason Starr is a star of an author he keeps his readers glued as he put something on every page, he has set no limits, he just takes every thought forward from page to page, to chapter to chapter right to the end. As I enjoyed every single page I just didn’t want Savage Lane to end. With affairs constant there are choices several central characters have to face.     Deb Berman, sees her husband Mark holding hands with their best friend Karen at a party. Secretly Mark fancied divorcee Karen.  Deb and Mark’s teenagers were best friends with Karen’s teenagers. Deb is sure her husband is sleeping with Karen. When Deb finds Mark sitting with Karen at the golf country club, Deb and Karen have a fight. Fourty-four-year-old Debbie Berman lives in a four-bedroom house in Westchester with a successful, hard-working husband and two amazing kids. Now Deb wants a divorce as  her husband seems over friendly with Karen, and Deb is sure they are having an affair. But for Deb her worst decision had been getting involved with an eighteen-year-old boy. When Deb goes missing the police interview Karen as she had a fight with Deb that witness see and people are talking saying Karen could have murdered Deb to be her husband.  Karen thinks the police should look at Mark Berman as his wife wanted to divorce him. Or could there be a serial killer on the loose? Savage Lane is the first book that Jason Starr has written in six years, I do hope that Jason Starr writes another thriller soon.



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  1. Are you able to write this in English as I can not read this.

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