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November 29, 2015



The school gates are a great social leveller, with parents from all walks of life brought together whether they like it or not at the start and end of their children’s day. For a few, friendships forged there will bring drama, for others consolation, for some romance…

When single working mum Alana reveals the identity of her love-child’s father, she isn’t prepared for the consequences. Dana knows she should be content with her perfect house and perfect husband but finds herself longing for another child and wishing for more fulfillment. Mo’s life has always been hard, but the violence of her alcoholic husband could be the last straw, which only friendship with super-mum Joan can get her through. And what of gay Daddy Gordon?

Will he be able to juggle parenthood and cope with his broken heart at the same time?


My heart goes out to the author who wrote most of The School Gates while recovering from a hysterectomy. We are brought together by a group of mothers and fathers and children from all walks of life.

Let me introduce to you to Eliska’s Mum, Alana Murray who reveals the identity of her love-child’s father, but she isn’t prepared for the consequences. Alana, needs Eliska to get ready for school as she has an important meeting to attend to in her sporty Mercedes.

Meet the Brown Brood’s Mum, Joan Brown with seven-year-old Clark and nine-year-old Kent, and Cissy in her high chair, but why is her husband Collin a silly old sod?

We enter Rosie’s Mum, Mo Collins life and for the love of God he smokes in the house, swears and drinks cans of lager. Six-year-old Rosie shakes with fear from her daddy.

Then there is six-year-old Tommy’s Mum, Dana Knight with her 4×4 on the drive. Mark Knight insisted on the recommendation of a Top Wheels television presenter that this was the car to be seen in.

The Twin’s Lily and Lola lived in a modern three-bedroom flat with their Daddy, Gordon Summers, and confusion for one of the twins Lola where id Daddy Chris?



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