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November 10, 2015



Meet PC Donal Lynch.
Irish runaway. Insomniac. Functioning alcoholic.
Donal is new to working the beat in London, trying his best to forget that night. After all, there aren’t many police officers who can say they have a convicted murderer for an ex-girlfriend.
So when a woman is murdered on his patch, Donal throws himself into the case. As the first person on the scene, Donal can’t forget the horrific sight that faced him – and he knows this case can’t go unsolved. But how do you solve a case with no lead suspect and no evidence?
As his past catches up with him, Donal is forced to confront his demons and the girl he left behind. But what will crack first, the case or Donal?
My review
Sorry I found Alone With The Dead very hard to get into maybe because I found it hard faced with out any real flowing words. I generally find most crime books that I read unputdownable.  Some authors you can’t tell if it is a lady or man crime author, but here you can tell straight away it is a man who has written this crime book. On the back of the book it has if you like Tim Weaver and James Oswald you will love James Nally. I have read Tim Weaver novels and loved them, give me Tim Weaver book any day. Sorry again but I really do not see any connection at all that James Nally is like Tim Weaver.
About James Nally
As the agency’s crime reporter James Nally covered Old Bailey trails. His unfortunate expertise in the case of serial killer Rose West saw Nally recruited as a TV researcher by Channel 4 Dispatches. Since he has directed documentaries on a galley of rogues that include Kenneth Noyle, Charles Bronson the one from Luton a set of unhinged Swedish twins who ran amok on the M1, prison escapees, gem hunters and charity fundraising companies.



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