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November 5, 2015



Simon Mills, a solicitor, isn’t the kind of man to go to prison. His new wife Claire, an artist, isn’t the kind of woman to have a husband ‘Inside’. But one night, after offering to drive their dinner guests home, Simon is involved in a horrific crash down a narrow Devonshire lane and is sent to prison for eight months.
‘GUILTY’ is written in two parts: the first deals with Simon’s life in prison and the second, with his life once he’s released. It is told in alternate viewpoints: Claire’s and Simon’s as well as the ghostly voice of Joanna, who died in the crash. This is a haunting modern-day story that could happen to you. 
My review
Jane Bidder is an excellent author, she knows how to go to the places  that pulls the reader in. I couldn’t put the book Guilty down. Happy married couple of two years, Simon Mills, a solicitor, and his new wife Claire an artist are about to find their perfect marriage will hit a crisis. But Claire an honest loving wife who loves her husband very much will do what it takes to stand by her husband. Claire had Ben her son from her previous marriage who sometimes don’t like taking comments from his step dad.  One evening on impulse, Claire invited a woman she had recently met at the tennis club with her new husband to dinner. With the wine flowing and helpings of syllabub containing rum. Hugh was too drunk to drive his wife home. Good hearted Simon drives his dinner guest home. Horror strikes as Simon reaches to answer his mobile phone and crashes the car down a narrow Devonshire lane. But there is more to this crash than Simon reaching for his mobile phone. With great sadness one of their dinner guest die later after the crash in hospital.  Claire can’t believe that her lawyer Simon Mills is sent to prison for the death of one of his passengers in his car. The story is so like real life where careless drivers answer their mobile while driving causing a crash and with great sadness it is often the case where someone is killed.



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