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November 1, 2015



Once upon a time, Jacks Morgan had dreams.
She was going to have a successful career and travel the world. She would own a house on the beach, and spend long nights with her boyfriend strolling under the stars.
But life had other ideas. First Martha came along, then Jonty. Then Jacks’ elderly mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to move in. Now their little terrace in Weston-super-Mare is bursting at the seams.
Jacks’ dreams were put on hold long ago. But if she can save up enough to give her teenage daughter a bright future, then all her sacrifice will be worth something…won’t it?
Amanda Prowse has always loved crafting short stories and scribbling notes for potential books. I have read most of Amanda Prowse’s books and loved them all.
Peter and Jacks lived in a little Weston-super Mare terrace with a small square kitchen, three bedrooms, and a bathroom and two rooms downstairs. They had plans to decorate the littlest room first. In a couple of years they will be on their feet and get the place real shipshape, replace  the windows, get the garden nice, put a new kitchen in and then move upstairs. It was a good plan. But life has other ideas First Martha came along, then Jonty and now their little terrace was bursting at the seams. Too add to the problems Jacks elderly mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she could no longer live alone.



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