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November 1, 2015



When Chris Wallace looks in the mirror he sees a deep and complex man. He is, in fact, selfish, shallow and very, very devious. A master of deceit.
Suzy Wallace, a woman scorned, wreaks havoc and revenge on her husband’s mistress, once her best friend, now her sworn enemy.
Ellen Munroe, the mother of Chris’s child, finally has the chance for happiness with an honest, decent, steadfast man …until Chris lies his way into her heart again.
I love reading all of Patricia Scanlan books.

Mirror, Mirror is the story of two women who have had enough and are about to get even with Chris Wallace.
Chris Wallace was an accomplished liar. Suzy Wallace knew her husband Chris was having an affair.
Alexandra Johnston was one woman who wouldn’t dance to his tune,she would just use him as long as ut suited her.
Ellen Munroe, let Chris think that his emotionally abusive behaviour was perfectly acceptable. After seven years of emotional turmoil, Ellen finally let go of Chris Wallace. Another man is on the scene for Ellen Munroe, but will Chris lie his way back into her heart again.



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