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November 1, 2015



Cassie has spent her married life doing everything right – making sure her children have the perfect life, being a devoted wife to her husband and a dutiful daughter-in-law to his mother, even when her patience has been tested. Although it has left her so exhausted that ‘wine o’clock’ comes a little earlier each afternoon. But she wouldn’t change a thing, she’s certain, until temptation comes her way…


Her sister Coco runs a vintage dress shop and sure, she’s shied away from commitment over the years. It’s just that Coco believes men complicate things more than necessary, and she’s got enough to contend with looking after her business and her staff, who seem to rely on her more and more for relationship advice. But who is she to give advice, when her own life is so simple?


Watching over them is grandmother Pearl, tucked away in her little house in Delaney Square with her chickens, busy with her poker club and a secret lover. But something is keeping her awake at night. Was she right to do what she did all those years ago? Surely, if she were right, she wouldn’t be thinking about it so often now…?


And there’s Elsa, the polished face of daytime TV, who’s battled demons of her own and come out on top.  Now Elsa has one final fight but it will require more bravery than anything which has come before.

My review

Between Sisters is a novel about mothers and daughters, families and friends.

Elsa the face of TV found a lump under her arm pit, she wondered what would happen if the lump turned out to be more than her being a bit run-down.  The lump was bound to be nothing Elsa assured herself. Cassie was a mother of two daughters Lily and Beth, thirteen and fifteen. Coco Keneally runs a vintage shop, she had been running the shop for five years.  It was the internet that made The Twentieth Century Boutique a success for Coco. Between Sisters is entertaining and moving.


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