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October 30, 2015



How do you go on after the unthinkable happens?

Sudden death is rude. It just wanders in and takes your husband without any warning; it doesn’t even have the decency to knock. 
At the impossibly young age of 37, as they were making love one night, Lucie Brownlee’s beloved husband Mark dropped dead. As Lucie tried to make sense of her new life without him, she turned to writing to express her grief. Life after you is stunning, irreverent and heartbreakingly honest result.
My review
I found this true story heartbreaking

Life After You by Lucie Brownlee is a memoir, which started life as a very personal blog, is a raw howl of disbelief at the speed with which a baby-making quickie could turn to life-shattering tragedy. On a freezing evening in February 2012 just before Take Me Out was due to start Lucie Brownlee and her husband Mark went to bed. Mid-way through having sex, Mark dropped dead on the pillow beside her. His last words were you’ve still got your socks on. This true story is based on survival and, cautiously, recovery. A wrenching funny read.



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