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October 26, 2015



With the promise of December in the air and the hedgerows laced with frost, Huntersbrook House has never looked more beautiful.
Once the Craig family’s beloved home, the house has been transformed into a magnificent countryside venue. And its first booking couldn’t be more perfect – the Christmas wedding of a well-known film actress is the perfect way to launch the new venue.
Yet, even as the fires are lit, the Craig children are feeling the chill. Pippa is skating on thin ice with her reckless personal life. Joey, preoccupied with the business, is blind to his fiancée’s struggles. And Lainey’s future is dealt a cruel blow. 
As the wedding approaches, everyone hopes the house will weave its magic. But can the Craig’s put their problems aside and pull together as a family once more?
My Review
We first met Craig family in Driving Home for Christmas. Please don’t worry if you haven’t read Driving Home for Christmas, I can promise you all that you won’t feel lost. You will find The Heart of Winter a comforting read. Huntersbrook House has been in Joey’s mother’s family for three generations. Money had been poured into saving the stunning Georgian residence. Joey Craig came up with the idea to turn Huntersbrook House into a countryside wedding venue. Emma Hannigan certainly is a writer who understands exactly how women think.



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