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October 26, 2015



Most people call me The Jackdaw. If they don’t, I tell them they probably should. 
Meet fifteen-year-old Jack the Jackdaw Dawson, Jack’s come up with an idea for an app that’s so downright fantastic he knows it can’t fail – but there’s just  a couple of  problems.
First of all, his parents are determined to push him into a boring office or  factory job but Jack isn’t keen.
Secondly and quite importantly Jack doesn’t know the first thing about making an app. But a girl he knows does, and all he has to do to get her help is one tiny little favour that leads to another favour,  then another and another until Jack finds himself sitting upon a twisting pile of promises to a whole bunch of random people.
My review
Jack Dawson gets sent out of Baldy Baines Science class. While Jackdaw is staring across the corridor at this poster about not getting pregnant, he suddenly has the brain wave for an idea for an app. The idea is so brilliant  Jackdaw thinks it’s guaranteed to make him a millionaire or a billionaire. Can Jackdaw complete his scheme, or is this too much for even his superior brain to cope with?



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