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October 21, 2015



Five days to stay alive

The clock is ticking

Teenager Nikki Bell is the only witness to the brutal murder of two members of her family and their cleaner. She’s lucky to be alive. But the murder isn’t a one-off. It’s part of a bigger, more violent attack planned on affluent families in the area – and now Nikki, as the only living witness, is a dangerous threat to the well-orchestrated scheme.


As the net draws tighter around the killers, DI Rio Wray must do whatever it takes to keep Nikki alive. But when you’re dealing with criminals, there’s no line they won’t cross… In a kill-or-be-killed-world, who will be first to pull the trigger?



This is my first thriller by this author that I have read. I thought it was an extremely well written fast-moving thriller.

Sixteen-year-old Nikki Bell dreamed of different ways to kill her parents. With her iPad she was on Yakkety-yak the local social networking craze chatting to se15, talking to people who gave her ideas in how to kill her parents. Of course she didn’t really want to kill them she was just sick to the death of them going on and on at her.

As Nikki was on her iPad she heard a crashing sound came from downstairs in her house, screams ripped through the house. The cleaner Ania came into Nikki’s room and whispered shhh to Nikki and gestured with her hand at the cupboard. With Nikki’s iPad she scrambled onto a shelf in the cupboard and hears the cleaner talking to someone, then pop the cleaner is shot by one of the two men that are in Nikki Bell’s family home.

It appears that Nikki is the only witness to the killings in her house. The police find this is not just a one-off. It’s part of a gang with bigger, more violent attack planned on other families in the area. Breathless from the first word and thrilling to the last.


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