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October 9, 2015



Published by Sphere


The Farren family has been a plague upon Philadelphia’s most dangerous neighbourhood, the Devil’s Pocket, for generations. There, row after row of tumbledown houses hide dark secrets – none darker than Billy, the youngest Farren.

Afflicted by a syndrome that means he can’t recognise faces, Billy must use photographs to identify his family – and his victims. And when your life has bled away, he takes a final, gruesome picture for his wall.

But what is the meaning of the horrific ritual Billy enacts with every murder? And is there any connection to a childhood event Detective Kevin Byrne has buried so well it’s hidden even from his former partner Jessica Balzano?


my review

As Laura Rousseau toweled herself off from the shower she thought the house seemed strangely quiet. She see two men in her hallway that she had never seen before in the neighbourhood. But one of the men seem to know her by name. Laura finds the floor in the living room soaked with blood. Her husband and son were seated on dining chairs slumped forward bound with duct tape. One of the men asked Laura o you know my face? In her last moments Laura Rousseau remembered where she had seen the man’s face before. It was in her nightmares. Who was these men? At the start of this thriller you turn the pages as if your very life depends on it. Darren and Patrick Farren had been in and out of jail ever since they were teenagers, but never for the most brutal of their crimes.



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