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October 4, 2015




Light spilled from the windows of White House Farm and inside a dog whimpered as Essex Police approached on  7 August 1985.  When they entered they found the bodies of  Nevill and June Bamber, their daughter Sheila and her two young sons. It looked as if Sheila has shot them all before turning the gun on herself.


As the media destroyed Sheila’s reputation, horrified relatives became suspicious of her brother Jeremy’s behaviour. Had he committed the murders in order to inherit from his wealthy parents?Dramatic new evidence suggested he had, and he was convicted the following year. He has always protested his innocence.


Drawing on extensive new research, including correspondence with Jeremy Bamber, Carol Ann Lee describes the years of rising tension in the family that culminated in the murders, and takes us through the twists and turns of the investigation and trial. Scrupulously fair, The Murders at White House Farm is an absorbing portrait of a family, a time and place, and a gripping account of one of Britain’s most notorious crimes.

my review

I don’t read many true crime books, but this one caught my attention. Sheila’s dream was to be a successful model, but her career stalled shortly before the twins were born and she never really recovered despite her attempts to restart it. When Collin and Sheila’s marriage ended they shared custody of the twins, Nicholas and Daniel, and they remained on terms. Collin became their primary carer after Sheila’s second breakdown in March 1985. Before the murders tragically took place,  everyone who Sheila had spoken to on the phone claimed that Sheila sounded quite happy. Daily Express headlines On 8 August 1985 Sheila Bamber 28, first shot her twin six-year-old sons. She gunned down her father as he tried phoning for help. Then she murdered herself.  However Jeremy her adopted brother raised the alarm. He told police he had just got a phone call from his father to say Sheila has gone berserk with a gun. The police found sixty-one Nevill Bamber dead in the kitchen and his wife sixty-one June dead in the doorway of the master bedroom.  Through out this story Carol Ann Lee takes through the back ground of Bambers family life they once shared together.The Bambers were a wealthy family.  When a huge twist comes to light Jeremy’s ex girlfriend Julie Mugford came forward with an extraordinary story saying Jeremy had been plotting to kill his family for at least eighteen months. Jeremy dismissed her claims saying she was just bitter being a jilted woman. He always claimed his innocence.  It comes down to this do you believe Julie Mugford or do you believe Jeremy Bamber? Or did Sheila really kill her family? However Jeremy is put on trail for murder. At the front of this book are maps of the layout of White House Farm and at the back of the book are online media websites to look at about Jeremy’s family murder. If you like reading true stories then you will certainly love reading true story.



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  1. I’m going to have to read this one. It sounds like the author has done her research well.

  2. Yes she has. Carol Ann Frank has published books on the biography of Ann Frank, which I would like to read.

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