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October 1, 2015




Murder. Lies.

Who can you trust?

Marshall Everett and Ariana Gregory are about to collide, and life will never be the same again.
Marshall is an ex-undercover agent who has just survived the toughest assignment of his career. Having escaped with his life from the jungles of Colombia, he settles into a temporary job in the secret service, guarding the president. Then a routine day goes wrong and leaves him severely injured, and Marshall flees to Paris.
Ariana knows that as the daughter of an American Ambassador, her safety is always at risk. When one close call put her in more danger than ever, Ariana is relocated to Paris – but trouble is never far behind her. With the threat of being found hanging over her head, Ariana’s safety will depend on one man Marshall.
Both plagued by secrets and fear, Marshall and Ariana must trust each other if they are to ever find freedom from their past…
Are you okay? he asked her softly, and she looked at him and nodded. It was suddenly all too real. She missed paris, Buenos Aires, New York, and even the cosy, dishevelled kitchen in London. She wanted to be anywhere but where she was. With tears silently rolling down her cheeks, she followed him off the plane.
Racing between South America and Paris, a gripping, powerful thriller of kidnap, survival, and rebuilding shattered lives
Packed full of twists and turns, UNDERCOVER takes you on a gripping journey of survival and redemption against all the odds.



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