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September 27, 2015




Everyone deserves a new beginning.

But sometimes fate isn’t on your side.

Over one short weekend, when Canadian musician Scott Emerson and British children’s author Frankie Shaw meet by chance, a profound connection is made.
Their homes are thousands of miles apart: Frankie and her children live by the coast of North Norfolk while Scott’s roots lie deep in the mountains of British Columbia. Against all advice, they decide to see where this might go.
Over oceans and time zones, they make sacrifices and take risks, discovering along the way new truths about love and family. For the first time in a long while, it seems life could be very good.
But fate has a tragic twist in store, one that could destroy all that was hoped for.
Poignant, engrossing and moving, The Turning Point is a novel about the importance of seizing happiness and trusting that love will always find a way.
A must buy must read.
Freya North books just get better and better. I love every book that Freya North writes. What I like about Freya North is her approach to make every character seem like living breathing people who readers will care about. I could read The Turning Point forever.
Get your tissues ready!
This fascinating story takes us through the lives of Scott Emerson who is a musician and lives in the mountains in Canada. His daughter Jenna suffers from epilepsy a common brain disorder world-wide. Single mum Frankie Shaw is a British children’s author who lives with her two children by the sea in Norfolk. It is the time when you’re not looking for love that love finds you. Over one weekend Frankie and Scott meet up by chance in a hotel in London.  Even though Frankie has only known Scott for forty-eight hours, Frankie feels that Scott is like no other man that she has met. They both live in different continents and they both have commitments to where they live and the people in their lives. Can they both fly to each other to keep their relationship alive?
The Turning Point will be one most-talked-about books with this heartbreaking new novel.




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  1. Thanks! You just added a book to my TBR list lol

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