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September 14, 2015



While working on an archaeological dig at Okehampton Castle, David Kindle and his team unearth an unexpected find – the body of a young girl, Julie Jones. It quickly becomes clear that she is yet another victim of the serial killer, nicknamed the Shadow, who has been terrorising the town for weeks.

On his tracks is not only a young DI named Cynthia Jackson but also savvy PI, Jordan Lewis, both of whom are determined to get their man before he strikes again. But the murderer always seems to be one step ahead of them and, even Jordan, following her success in ‘The Corpse That Danced’, feels that every fresh lead takes them nowhere – and puts another girl in danger.

Dont miss this smart story.
I loved reading this short fiction murder story. So much was packed into this short story. I couldn’t put it down until I found out who the murderer was. It so easy-going and easy to read. I would definitely recommend To Dig Up A Murder by M. J. Evans to readers that like reading stories about a serial killer.
David Kindle was the lead archaeologist at Okehampton Castle, an ancient Norman construction surrounded by woodland. Some archaeologist were digging the remains to the Gatehouse and the Great Hall and found the dead body of a young girl Julie Jones thought to be the first victim of the serial killer, nicknamed the shadow.
DI Cynthia Jackson brings in to the police station a few people for questioning believing that they have found the serial killer. DI Cynthia is determined to get their man before he kills again.
David Kindle makes an urgent call to his cousin Jordon who used to work for the police but left to be private detective . Jordon Lewis is hired by Mr and Mr Jones to look into Julie’s death. Jordon starts to lead her own investigation questioning everyone who knew Julie and Jordon also wants to find the man who they call the shadow as more bodies of young girls are found.
With both DI Cynthia and private detective Jordon that are determined to find out who the serial is, who will find out first? will it be the police or will it be David’s cousin private detective Jordon Lewis?
Readers should expect the biggest twist ever in who the serial killer really is. I love a good twist in fiction murder stories and this twist really left me totally shell-shocked.




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