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August 22, 2015



On 24th November Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby arrived in Alaska.  
Within hours they were driving alone across a frozen wilderness  
Where nothing grows 
Where nothing grows   
Where tears freeze   
And night will last for another fifty-four days. 
They are looking for Ruby’s father. 
Travelling deeper into a silent land.
They still cannot find him.
And someone is watching them in dark.
The cold was shocking in its violence. she thought the colour of cold was white, like snow, or blue perhaps, like a cold tap, but cold like this was conceived  in a place without daylight and was black, the absence of all light and colour.
Somewhere out there was Matt.
She yelled his name into the dark as loudly as she could. But although her mouth formed the shapes to make the sounds and her lungs forced his name into a scream, the sound was obliterated by the wind so that she didn’t know if she’d made any sound at all.
 I am slightly deaf in one ear due to an ear infection when I was about 8-years old that left me unable to walk as I lost my balance. My speech has not been affected due to not being born slightly deaf.  I know what deaf people are going through. I have to try to lip read some people if I can not hear them. I also find it very hard to hear if someone puts their hand over their mouth and talks. I can’t hear them or try to lip read them with a hand over their mouth. I find it hard to hear people with a soft voice where once again I will try to lip read them.  If everyone is fast asleep and I have the Breakfast show on or Good Morning Britain I have the sound on zero as I can lip read some of what the presenters are saying. When everyone is watching the news I must have the remote control to turn up the volume so I can hear.. I find it hard to hear conversations in a car or in a group of people. When I am on the phone I hold the phone to my right ear as I would not be able to hear anything in my left ear on the phone.. I was told by the hospital when I was about 8 that  I can’t have a hearing aid as I would rely it.  I feel very angry that all those years ago my teacher Mrs Thomas did not pick up the fact that I had turned deaf in one ear. It was my mother who found out.
I loved The Quality of silence. Being slighty deaf made love Ruby the deaf girl.
Ruby and her mother Yasmin Alfredson had travelled to Alaska to meet Ruby’s dad at the Fairbanks airport. Deaf Ruby knew it would be really cold and super-quite with thousands of miles of snow and with hardly any people. As soon as Yasmin and Ruby arrived at the airport there was no sign of Ruby’s dad. Lieutenant Reeve meets Yasmin and explains to her that he has records of all foreign nationals working in Alaska and that a catastrophic fire happened in Anaktue and that no one survived including Ruby’s dad. Yasmin refuses to accept that Ruby’s father is dead and sets out on a long track of a journey in the top freezing temperatures to find him.
I am a huge fan of Rosamund Lupton and I have read and enjoyed her two other books. Sister and Afterwards.



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