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August 20, 2015



Dr Angie Lawrence is appointed as Director of the new Hazelnut  Assessment Centre for difficult adolescents on the island of Rousay in Orkney. Her husband Sam is an artist delighted to be on Orkney to further his seascapes.

Sam is becoming increasingly concerned about Angie’s unorthodox treatment plans but events elsewhere begin to unwind her tragic background. So why did Angie  become a psychologist in the first place? Can Angie bring together a fractured family before it is too late? And can she cope with two doctorate students who are not what they seem to be?

My Review

Dr Angie Lawrence in her mid thirties was a clinical psychologist. She runs a new purpose-built twelve bed Hazelnut assessment centre on the Orkney Island of Rousay. Children were referred from all Scottish Authorities when anorexia, bulimia and social anxiety cases required further assessment and treatment. Angie and her husband Sam lived in a 18th century stone cottage outhouse. Sam Lawrence takes in all the flowers that are that delivered to their home for Angie. What I liked about this story is that the author knows very little about the profession of clinical psychologist. I  Adored the way Miller Caldwell has created a bizarre personality in Angie. We not only follow Dr Angie Lawrence journey, but we also follow the journey of some of the children that are sent to the Hazelnut centre.



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