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August 20, 2015



Published by Penguin

 Maigret’s peaceful retirement in the countryside is interrupted when his nephew comes to him for help after being implicated in a crime he did not commit. Soon Maigret is back in the heart of Paris, and out-of-place in a once familiar world.  

 Retired Inspector Maigret’s, nephew Philippe has travelled from Paris to see his Uncle Maigret. Philippe knocks on his door in the middle of the night. Philippe is in big trouble and needs his Uncle to help him. Philippe explains to his Uncle Maigret that he was hiding out in the toilets of a club until all the customers had left, when he heard gunshot and finds Pepito who works in the club dead. Philippe then did something so stupid that he is sure that he will get arrested for a murder he did not commit and wants his Uncle Maigret to help him find out who really killed Pepito and why. Retired Inspector Maigret once again finds him self in the familiar Police Headquarters in Paris, helping clear his nephew’s name and finding out who really shot Pepito and why.
Georges Simenon is a writer who, more than any other crime novelist, combined writes with a high literary reputation with popular appeal.



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One Comment
  1. davidsimmons6 permalink

    Telephone conversations fill the Maigret stories, and this one displays in spades how Maigret uses one to his advantage.

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