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July 18, 2015



There were four suspects in the crime that occurred directly on the sidewalk of Piney Creek Road. It was a crime impossible during daylight, when the neighbourhood kids would have been tearing  around in go-karts, colouring chalk figures on our driveways, or chasing snakes down into  storm gutters. But at night the streets of Woodland  Hills sat empty and quite, except for the pleasure of frogs greeting the mosquitoes that rose in squadrons from the swamps behind our properties.

I should tell you now that I was one of the suspects.

Hear me out.

Let me explain.

One hot evening in the summer 1989,fifteen-year-old Lindsay Simpson cycles home  through the wide, empty street of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her home town is a place of cookouts on sweltering afternoons, iced tea and cauldrons of spicy crawfish, crepe myrtle trees heavy with red and purple blossoms. Lindsay is just yards from her parents house when she is knocked to the sidewalk and attacked.


No one saw anything they were indoors, escaping the sticky heat, the mosquitoes. The police draw a blank and the community does its best to move on.

But one fourteen year old boy is sure there answers still waiting to be found out there on the swept and empty porches, by the lawns steaming in the early morning sun, under the newly broken street lamp. Secretly in love with Lindy and fascinated by her ordeal, he is drawn onwards in a search for truths that maybe better left buried.

I highly recommend My Sunshine Away. This is literature of the highest order. The book snaps with the tautness of a thriller.





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