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July 18, 2015



Lily Emmett has suffered from selective mutism since childhood and still struggles to see the value of everyday speech. Her sister, Connie, has always spoken for her, and her partner, Richard, has learnt to translate her movements so that they share a unique form of communication. 
But when the two sisters return to their childhood home after their mother’s death, the visit inspires memories of the event that first rendered Lily silent, and still haunts them both. The search for the truth about what happened takes them back to a childhood shaped by bullying and familial breakdown, and unearths the secrets that lie at the heart of the sisters’ relationship.
 This atmospheric literary suspense novel heralds the arrival of a major new literary voice Sarah Marshall-Ball. Hush is a gripping exploration of the effects of childhood trauma on adult sisters. It is also a finely wrought and powerful mediation on language and story telling, showing how, in all the noise of contemporary urban lives, silence can sometimes be the best form of rebellion. A marvellous debut, that is haunting and unsettling. Hush is the story of what happens when we cannot speak, even to those we love most.



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