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July 13, 2015



Published by Black & White Publishing on
Wednesday, 15th July 2015 in paperback original £8.99 Paperback ISBN 97818450298

From the author of the acclaimed debut novel The Good Mayor, comes the tale of the most curious life and death of Jean Milne. Based on a real incident and reimagined in Andrew Nicoll’s captivating style, the book draws you into the beguiling life of Miss Jean Milne, who lived one hundred years ago in a small seaside town, and whose brutal murder captured the imagination of the whole country.

A wealthy spinster living alone in a crumbling Victorian mansion, Miss Milne appears to be the very model of respectability. But when startled locals find her brutally murdered in her home, the public façade that Jean has hidden behind for so long slowly falls apart. As detectives delve further into the case and piece together the events in Miss Milne’s life that have led up to her horrific murder, Jean Milne’s secret life becomes exposed in a shocking twist.

Andrew Nicoll has brought the historical case back from the dead, using newly-released evidence from police files, eye-witness testimony hidden for a century and long forgotten newspaper reports on the Victorian crime. Blurring fact and fiction, reality and mystery, this book resurrects the most shocking incident that took place in the author’s very own sleepy village.

Set in the heart of one of the wealthiest communities in the world, at the very height of the British Empire, The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne is a bewitching tale of class division, money, sex, lies, betrayal and murder. And, at last, after a hundred years, the curious death of Miss Jean Milne may finally be solved in the most shocking of twists. This fantastic novel promises to enthral you in its marvellous mystique until the very end.


After a brief stint as a lumberjack, Andrew Nicoll has spent his working life as a newspaper journalist. His
first novel, The Good Mayor, was an international bestseller. Andrew is married and has three children.

‘A triumph of tone, very moving, completely convincing’

ANDREW MARR on The Good Mayor
By Andrew Nicol The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne
‘A mystery that touches the heart, with characters caught in a world that’s
harsh but trembles with tender emotions. A beautiful story.’


Sometimes a book can be put aside to read later, but not The Secret and Curious Death of Miss jean Milne by Andrew Nicoll.
This tale opens up the wounds of history. Jean Milne who was found dead in the hallway of her twenty-three room mansion. Miss Jean Milne withdrew from the upkeep of her house and retreated to a small apartments on the ground floor with a seven-foot high tall wall around her house. You would have thought she would have been safe.
Miss Jean Milne was busy packing her trunk when she murdered. With her telephone wires cut it seemed to the police that she must have been the only witness to her own murdered, and the police needed all the clues that they could get to find out who attacked Jean.
This shocking story is based on a true story.



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