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July 9, 2015




There are three things no-one can prepare you for when your daughter is murdered: –
You are haunted by her memory day and night.
Your friends and family fear you are going mad.
Only in a group with parents of other victims do you ever find comfort.
It has been four years since seven-year old Megan Purvis was found murdered on Hamstead Heath. Her mum has set up a self-help group for the families who have been through the same ordeal.
The group provides solace for the family of Megan who disappeared from the playground. Tilly Reid who never returned from a trip to the shop, and Leila Botsworth who failed to meet her mum after school.
Now, Poppy Glover is missing, after vanishing from the queue for the ice cream van. Meanwhile, as the bereaved parents gather to comfort each other, a crack appears in their group that will change their lives forever.
my review
Every scene, and character is utterly believable. Four girls found murdered on Hampstead Heath. It leaves you with a tidal wave of sorrow . Tammy Cohen adds the fine detail of a moving examination of loss.  Never before has any author written a novel which makes you care deeply for the families grieving. The police are looking for a serial killer, but I can promise channeled in are twist that will leave breathless. Tammy Cohen certainly confirms her place in top flight of psychological thriller, I have loved all of her books. Loyal psychological thrillers readers this is a must buy, must read.



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