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July 5, 2015



Published by harper collins

Daughter of the House Rosie Thomas

You can do everything.

you always have done.

For my whole life, as long as I

Can remember you have been

the star in the sky.Join one woman as she strives to break free from the bonds of early 20th century society and find her own place in the world.


The great war has drawn to a close and London hover on the brink of an uncertain future. With the misery and horror of war in the past, hopes begins to emerge and for the first time, women are beginning to take great steps towards political, economic and personal independence. But for the men who fought in the trenches, this future belongs to them and any woman who has celebrated her freedom must now redouble her efforts to keep it.

Nancy Wix is just such a woman. Born into a down-at-heel family. Nancy has always known that the visions she has seen since she was a child will set her apart from her peers. A chance encounter with a gifted medium reveals a way in which she might take hold of her future and she grasps opportunity with a ravenous hunger for this is the age of spiritualism  and Nancy’s gift will see her star rise in a time when decimated families are desperate to hold on to their dead sons.

As the roaring twenties dawn, Nancy strives to break free from the bonds of society and find her own place.  the only thing that could hold her back is the love for her unattainable man.



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