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June 21, 2015



Sometimes a lie seems kinder than the truth …but what happens when that lie destroys everything you love?.
When Tess is sent to photograph Greg, a high profile paediatric heart surgeon, she sees something troubled in his face, and feels instantly drawn to him. Their relationship quickly deepens, but then Tess, single mother to nine-year-old Joe, falls pregnant, and Greg is offered the job of a lifetime back in his hometown of Boston. Before she knows it, Tess is married, and relocating to the States. But life in an affluent American suburb proves anything but straightforward.
Unsettling things keep happening in the large rented house. Joe is distressed, the next-door neighbours are in crisis, and Tess is sure that someone is watching her. Greg’s work is all-consuming and, as the baby’s birth looms, he grows more and more unreachable. Something is very wrong, Tess knows it, and then she makes a jaw-dropping discovery…
This is my first book that I have read by Lucy Atkins. I really must read THE MISSING ONE next time round.
About The Other Child
A new home, a baby on the way, a new life and new neighbours. What more can a family possibly want?. But what happens when a lie changes everything very dear to your world of a new life.
Tess a photographer is a single mother to her nine-year-old son Joe, and expecting a baby with her loving husband Greg, who is a high-profile pediatric heart surgeon.
While Greg is at work Tess hears unsettling noises in their large house and the scenes get rather scary as she feels that someone is watching her.
With the new baby on the way Tess can never get hold of her husband at work and her relationship with her husband becomes rather strained.
 Crisis deepen further when Tess son Joe doesn’t get on with the neighbours son.
There are moments when your mouth will open in astonishment as Tess can’t never reach her husband at work she now begins to know that something is wrong making a jaw-dropping discovery. An energetic ending with a brilliant twist that you will not see coming.
This is Lucy Atkins at her very best with a packed ride of suspense.
Published by Quercus 4th June 2015




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