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June 13, 2015




Lauren’s family have just moved house, and a new home means a new school. Lauren is determined to take this opportunity to completely reinvent herself and she quickly makes friends and settles in to her new life. Everything’s going to plan until she runs into Harry, a boy she met four summers ago. Luckily for Lauren, Harry doesn’t seem to remember her, and she knows it has to stay that way.


Then, just when things are starting to go well again, creepy packages start appearing in Lauren’s locker with no explanation. Finally she receives a disturbing, anonymous note.


Isn’t it time your new friend knew all about you?


Who is sending these chilling messages?

And what is the secret  that Lauren is desperate to keep hidden?



 I loved that the teachers seemed to have rather unusual names Mr Catchpole is the Student Welfare guy.  And Lauren is put into class 11CH with teacher Miss Hoolyhan.  Those teachers names made me laugh. St Thomas Community College wasn’t exactly the fashion capital of Europe.
Katherine, Lauren’s new friend introduces Lauren to Harry. Lauren can’t speak she met Harry four summers ago. But Lauren pretends not to recognize him. As for Harry, Lauren more or less managed to avoid him and she thought that Harry was trying to avoid her too.




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  1. Great review. I’d like to read this sometime x

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