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June 10, 2015


Published by Piccadilly Press

He’s angry at his parents, his brother, his teachers in fact he’s angry at everyone and everything.
Only one thing scares him and that’s the sea. So when Niilo is sent away to a wild school on a tiny island outside Helsinki, in attempt to curb his unruly behaviour,it’s his worst nightmare.
But there he learns to swim, to trust another human being and overcome his fear. Niilo’s newfound skill seems to offer an escape route from the island, but escaping his past and his anger isn’t so straight forward.
Janis Mackay is a brilliant author with lots of wonderful fantasy imagination. This is the first fantasy novel that I can say I enjoyed every page. Janis has an incredible story of Wild Song for young fans and adults to read.
The story of Wild Song has a young boy Niilo always getting into trouble. His parents have had just about enough of Niilo’s unruly behaviour and send him off to a tiny island outside Helsinki to a wild school for naughty boys. Once Niilo is at the wild school he hates it so much the only thing on his mind is to find a way to escape of the island.
Wild song explores the healing power of friendship, nature and the need for the truth, no matter how much it hurts.
I highly recommend this truly amazing novel.




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