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May 23, 2015




By the author of the international best seller THE ART OF HEARING HEARTBEATS


An absorbing mystery set in Hong Kong tourists only glimpse vivid and knowing


Equal parts crime thriller, romance and view of China’s Cultural Revolution, this novel is at heart, a story about the burden of survival. It packs a punch.


Sendker’s enthralling tale effortlessly weaves two narrative strands a stuttering romance and a murder mystery.

Paul Leibovitz was once a successful journalist, loving father and loving husband. Berfet and alone after the death of a child. But following a chance in counter in Hong Kong with fellow American Elizabeth, whose son has disappeared, Paul decides to investigate. Along with a detective friend, he risks everything and crosses the border to mainland China, their descending into the criminal underworld where he must confront the dark secrets and corruption hidden beneath the veneer and wealth of the new China.
The Whispering Shadows is the absorbing tale of one man’s search for redemption in a rapidly changing country where the ghosts of the past threaten to engulf the present.
I wanted to read Whispering Shadows as I read The ART OF HEARING HEARTBEATS.
I enjoyed reading this first in a suspenseful new trilogy. This gripping story follows a retired expat journalist in contemporary China who tries to crack a murder case as he battles his own personal demons.
I would like to thank the publisher for my copy
Published July 2015



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  1. I loved The Art of Hearing Heartbeats – was wondering what this one would be like.

  2. Whispering Shadows is on a different level to The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. Whispering Shadows is part crime and romance story. I liked both novels by Jan-Phillip Sendker. I am looking forward to more novels by this author.

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