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May 18, 2015



She could have stopped an awful crime.
She could have saved a life.
But she did nothing.
Now, she’s going to pay the price.
Something had hit the window.
‘Help me!’ a voice said.
Faith’s blood turned to ice. She pressed her face up to the glass to see what was outside.
And the real nightmare began.
Girls are disappearing in Beach Palm County.
Prostitutes, strippers girls who don’t have a loving home to miss them, who disappear through the cracks.
Detective Bryan Nill can’t prove it’s a serial killer.
But he knows it in his gut. All he needs is evidence. Without a witness, through, he’s got nothing.
Faith is feeling guilty.
She’s tried to put that night out of her mind the girl’s face pressed to the window, begging for help. The terror of watching her being dragged off into the night. She’s told herself it was probably nothing, that she was right to keep the door locked, the window shut.
But she wasn’t the only one in the car that night.
When Faith’s four-year-old daughter identifies the girl in the news, Detective Nill gets his witness. And Faith’s life starts to unravel.
My review
All The Little Pieces byJillianeHoffan is a first-rate thriller. No one writes thrillers likeJilliane Hoffman.

All fans of serial killer investigations will want to add this thriller to their book-case.
The story opens up with your heart beating fast as a young woman is running with bare feet through the sugar cane fields away from someone.
Faith Saunders is the perfect wife, mother and sister who is loved and admired by everyone that knows her.
When Faith’s sister Charity has a birthday party, loving sister Faith travels two-hundred miles in a tropical storm to be there for her sister.  At the party Faith can’t help her self, she doesn’t like Charity’s husband Nick, and she doesn’t like the damage he inflicted with his words to Charity on her birthday. Faith thinks that Charity should pull her self together and tell her husband to go to hell. As an argument snaps in Charity wants Faith to take her four-year-old daughter Maggie and to get out of her house.
As Faith is driving home with the rain pounding on her roof and rain the size of quarters. Faith has got lost driving home in the storm.
As Faith pulls over and rest for a while until the worst of the rain passes, a disheveled young girl bangs on the car window pleading for help shouting ‘Help me! He’s coming’. What Faith sees next is a man dragging the girl away.
Faith is feeling guilty as she did nothing to help the girl and the scene that happened that night haunt’s her. But Faith wasn’t the only one in the car that night.
Faith’s four-year-old daughter identifies the girl in the news as the young girl screaming at her mother’s car window for help.
So much more happens in this unputdaownable thriller. Your heart will keep pounding throughout!



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  1. Sounds good!

  2. If you like reading thriller books then you will like reading this.

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