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May 11, 2015



James Carol is a genius of an author who makes you want to keep on turning the pages to find out what kind of menacing thing can possible happen next.
Jefferson Winter an ex-FBI Behavioral Analysis has just finished helping the New York city police department hunt down Ryan McCarthy a serial killer. While Jefferson is having breakfast at the O’Neal’s diner he is interrupted by a blonde psychopath woman who clearly knows who Jefferson is. The crazy woman places a newspaper down in front of him at the page where a murder that took place six years ago, then stabs the cook and then left the diner. Jefferson is swooped upon at the diner by the police handcuffed on suspicion of murdering the cook.  It takes a genius to outsmart a killer. This mysterious female psychopath has set the clock ticking for the police to find out what exactly happened that fatal night six-years ago.
Has Jefferson Winter finally met his match?
Six years ago a young married couple were found brutally stabbed to death in their home in Upstate New York. Local police arrested a suspect who later committed suicide. But what if the police got it wrong?
Ex-FBI profiler Jefferson Winter is drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a mysterious female psychopath as she sets him a challenge: find out what really happened six years ago.
The clock is ticking and, as Winter is about to find out, the endgame is everything…
James Carol carves out his own menacing canvas with real panache
Published by Faber&Faber



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