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Dead Charming I D JACKSON

May 5, 2015



Even the most of us can be charmed by evil.

I must say that I found this story much better than the blurb on the back of the book. I couldn’t put this book down reading well into the late night.

The story starts of with Tony and his wife Emma that got married after being childhood sweethearts. They were destined to be together until Joe Reed charmed his way into their lives. Joe Reed was the new guy working at the company along side Tony. Joe seemed to be funny and very good at his job with being the soul life of any party. Joe the newcomer and Tony became such good friends that Tony took Joe home to meet his wife. But Joe is not the funny guy, he turned out to be a unlimate predator, fuelled by a leathal cocktail of icy hatered and frenzied lust. Dead charming is full of crime and evil that will cut through the heart of every reader.


The Blurb

Charming, handsome and magnetic when he needs to be, Joe Reed is the ultimate predator,fuelled by lethal cocktail of icy hatred and frenzied lust.


Novice criminal profiler Jenny Foster, fresh from university, is plunged straight in at the deep end.
The pressure on Jenny intensifies in a race against time to find the man who seduces some women and terrifies others.  Meanwhile her private life is spiralling out of control and she makes catastrophic errors, errors that put herself and her team in mortal danger.
As the body count rises in the wake of ruthless evil, Jenny Foster is fighting demons of her own.



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