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April 19, 2015





 How do you know right from wrong when your certainties about life are slipping through your fingers?

Phillip Snowe is a genius of the advertising world but what he can no longer do is sell himself to himself. Struggling to find meaning, he quits his career ‘to give something back.’

Julia, his wife, a brilliant and beautiful lawyer, fights her own demons, but with her intelligence and hard work, she believes she can keep them at bay. And so far she has.

Into their lives comes Laura Cusack, a single mother torn between the demands of her young daughters and her own unfulfilled passions.

 Spanning three generations, this compassionate and surprising story – touching profoundly upon love, art, religion and the search for fulfilment – grips from first to last as it explores the moral and emotional complexities of modern life.


Fragments by Sarah Foot would be quite suited for fans of Joanna Trollope, Hillary Boyd and Elizabeth Buchan. The story is very much explores modern-day life.
Fragments opens the story on a freezing day just before Christmas, people are attending funereal.
Phillip Snowe is a genius the advertising world but he can no longer do is sell himself and decides to quits his career.
His wife Julia is a beautiful and brilliant lawyer. She is often invited to lecture at international forums for other lawyers.
Their fifteen-year-old daughter Rose plays a cello in the school tradition Advent concert. After the concert at St Catherine’s Girls School cakes are taken around and fashion statements are issued out.
A lot happens in Fragments. I hope that you all enjoy reading this story as much as I have.  What to expect from Fragments is that it builds up spanning three generations with themes of love, art, religion and explores the moral and emotion complexities of modern life.




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